Monday, September 15, 2008

army of darkness

It was a productive day in the monster factory.
The witch got new limbs and an outfit made of coffee sacks.
People will be frightened but also strangely craving a cappuccino.

Got to work on some new groundbreakers. Last years were thrown together in the last two days before Halloween so they weren't quite how I pictured them, though they still looked great at night. I think I've found a method that is working great for me so far, involving paper rolls and paper towel mache strips. You can scrunch the paper towel roll so that it looks like two small parallel bones., which works great for arms.

I installed one of my new props over the door to the monster factory and it fits perfectly!

So much to do!

1 comment:

Halloween Spirit said...

Your witch looks great! I love creating props out of ordinary materials I have around. I think it inspires creativity.