Friday, October 16, 2009

The fog rolls in...

I couldn't resist setting up the front yard a bit.
I have had a lot of comments so far, even saw a man lifting his daughter up to see over the hedge, so adorable.
Her face was lit up like a kids at Christmas, only as we all know...with a darker sort of light..haha
Perhaps a little haunter in the making.
Funny that this is actually me not doing Halloween!
I painted Skelly with detergent this year to give him an eerie glow.
I had to do something nice for him after breaking his spine in half accidentally!
He just couldn't make it up the stairs this year...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hey kids...want some candy?

Created a Halloween candy display last night. yummy.
I also made fresh corn chowder and Pumpkin chocolate chip bars.
The kitchen smells fantastic!
So delightful to actually have time this year to do the more domestic Autumn things.
Normally I would be frantically working away in the monster factory.
Alas, no new monsters will rise this year. I will be on a secret Halloween mission all season.