Friday, October 16, 2009

The fog rolls in...

I couldn't resist setting up the front yard a bit.
I have had a lot of comments so far, even saw a man lifting his daughter up to see over the hedge, so adorable.
Her face was lit up like a kids at Christmas, only as we all know...with a darker sort of light..haha
Perhaps a little haunter in the making.
Funny that this is actually me not doing Halloween!
I painted Skelly with detergent this year to give him an eerie glow.
I had to do something nice for him after breaking his spine in half accidentally!
He just couldn't make it up the stairs this year...


Grim said...

Looking good! I spent a good part of the day setting some stuff up here, too.

Pam Morris said...

Your setup looks fantastic! very cool stuff!