Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bereft of a true Halloween

I cannot capture the Halloween spirit.
For the first time ever.
But it's not me, it's where I am. I never would have thought that I could ever make it to October without the fever hitting me, the monster madness, the all consuming passion for the dark month. But I also never truly conceived of what October meant in a place like Australia.
I call it oppositeland for good reason, and the sunny skies, the spring flowers, the flipflops - none of these things say October to me.
I miss the smell of damp earth, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the brisk air and crisp mornings, the fog and pumpkin patches. So I guess I should have always said that Autumn was my favorite season, instead of saying October was my favorite month - but that doesn't work either because Halloween is part of what makes it dear to my heart.
But hard as I may try I feel like it just won't work here.
Case in point - I put some spider webbing up on the door this morning and caught a bird trying to eat the fake tarantula! It makes sense since there are GIANT spiders here - so of course they must be food for someone, but I've never had something prey on my decor before.

The dollar store Halloween section was about a 2 feet square and sadly disappointing. I tried to look up haunted houses and only found listing for actual hauntings!
I will continue to try - but my heart is not in it. I will have to be a voyeur this year and bask in the glory of a true Halloween from afar through all of you dark creatures out there spinning up a dark night for All Hallow's Eve.

a host of little ghosts visiting my apartment.


halloween spirit said...

That's too bad. But on the bright side . . . you get to live in Australia! Which I assume is only temporary?

Ghoul Friday said...

It may be small consolation to know that there are many people in a Halloween funk even with the changing leaves.

I have a friend who went through the same thing when she moved to Australia. It's quite the adjustment, especially for a Halloween lover.

Sending you some ghoulish vibes.