Sunday, November 2, 2008


It's done. Over.
The Haunt was a huge success, kids and adults alike were awed and frightened.
My volunteers were spectacular, and I could not have pulled off the night without them.
Having live spooks really makes a difference from just having a creative setup.
They really shape the experience, and I think they were having more fun than the trick or treaters.
The rain held off, and it was even kind of warm for October.
The only good thing about Halloween being over is that I get to checkout all the photos of other haunts and see what they got up to.
I just checked over at Pumkinrot and his Hollowman are fantastic.
I am saving the others for after I finish this post or I'll never get my photos up.
My only regret was that once again I was too busy to take photos myself. Crazy, considering that I'm a photographer by trade, but Halloween is the only time I never manage to take photos.
Luckily, I know this from past experiences and got my talented friend Dan to get some shots for me. My lovely and hideous witch Bryn also took some good shots that I'll be posting so you can see what was going on.

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