Saturday, October 11, 2008

signs and crosses, ghosts and coffins

I felt like I hadn't done anything in the last week, but when I went to take some photos of props today there was more than I'd thought.
This sign is for the front lawn to get the neighborhood kids interested.

Also these signs will go on a post in front of the house.

I made some primitive looking crosses to go in the cemetery.

I got an $11 ghost that flies along a string, and it wasn't spooky looking so I updated it.

The head is two sided, skulls on both front and back so it will look rad not matter which way it is flying.

Yesterday I built a toe pincher coffin out of old boards. It was a complete pain in the ass but it will look pretty cool. I still want to get a cross carved in the front of it, but not sure I have the tools for it.
My brother is going to be the gravedigger in Cemetery 666, so I wanted a coffin to bury in the yard for him. He will be great I think. He used to be in a goth rock band and he's done improv acting before too. The perfect combination for a yard spook.

This guy is waiting for his grapevine body to be harvested and built.

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